How to Give Your Library a New Look

Home library

Have you gone tired of looking at your home library? Is it becoming dull? A library should not only be a home for your books; it should also encourage you to read your books!

For this article, the superhero will be spray paint. Though it’s popular for its vandalizing streets and walls, it can be used for something better too!

Follow the steps below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Preparation Process

  1. Take out everything inside the library except the ones impossible to move such as large furniture or fixed cabinets. You should even remove the outlet plates and light switch too. Don’t forget to transfer everything in a secure area.
  2. Clean the library thoroughly. When I mean “thoroughly”, I mean no dirt or dust should be left on the walls, ceilings, and floors. Your cleaning materials will depend on whatever you have at home, but a vacuum cleaner and a towel are recommended. If the walls are too filthy, use water and soap.
  3. Fill the gaps and cracks using a filler. Remember to smoothen the surface after.
  4. If there are bumps and cracked paint, get rid of them by scraping them off.
  5. Use painter’s tape to cover switches and watches, and use newspapers to cover all the others you don’t want to be painted.
  6. Prime the library with a top-quality primer.

Painting Time!

  1. Prepare your paint sprayer. If you’re thinking you’re only going to invest in some of the best paint sprayers, then you’re right! You shouldn’t throw money by settling with cheap, low-quality ones.
  2. Put the paint in your spray gun. Be careful not to rush this step.
  3. Test spray on a cardboard to get the “feel.”
  4. Spray paint cansBegin with the ceiling; be sure you’re 12 inches away from the surface.
  5. Paint your boring walls. Use wall stencils to make them more attractive and welcoming.
  6. Paint the floor by rows so as not to step on the paint.

Returning everything

  1. Sketch a plan that shows where you should put the items you removed. If you’re not good at sketching, perhaps imagining could be more effective. I suggest you don’t return them to their original positions. Give the entire library a new look by placing the objects someplace else.
  2. After at least 24 hours of drying process, return the furniture, books, and other objects in the room.

Home library