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6 of the World’s Top Book Festivals for the Bucket List

Edinburgh International Book Festival

1. ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival
Where: Diggi Palace, Jaipur, India
When: Annually (January)
Why go: The Jaipur Literature Festival is the largest free literary festival in the world drawing thousands of visitors every year. For five days, writers and book enthusiasts take part in a wide array of activities that include readings and discussions among others.

2. Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts
Where: Hay-on-Wye, Wales and various other locations like Aarhus, Denmark; Arequipa, Peru; Cartagena, Colombia; Queretaro, Mexico and Segovia, Spain
When: Annually – January (Cartagena), May to June (Hay-on-Wye), September (Queretaro and Segovia), Aarhus (October), November (Arequipa)
Why go: The Hay Festival started in the small town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales known for its numerous bookshops. Every year, the festival draws literature and arts lovers not just in town but in various places where the Hay Festival has branched off.

3. Edinburgh International Book Festival
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: Annually (August)
Why go: The Edinburgh International Book Festival gathers readers and writers from across the globe. It features hundreds of events and offers plenty of activities for people of all ages. Among the festival’s highlights are the debates and discussions that allow for lively encounters between authors and the audience.

4. Library of Congress National Book Festival
Where: Washington, DC, USA
When: Annually (September)
Why go: Sponsored and organized by the Library of Congress, the National Book Festival is an event that promotes reading. This free event features a wide array of activities including book signings by award-winning authors and illustrators among others.

5. International Literature Festival Berlin
Where: Berlin, Germany
When: Annually (September)
Why go: The Berlin International Literature Festival showcases contemporary literature. The event which stretches to more than ten days highlights contemporary prose and poetry by authors from around the world.

6. Miami Book Fair International
Where: Miami, Florida
When: Annually (November)
Why go: The Miami Book Fair International or Miami Book Fair for short is an eight-day literary festival that draws over 200,000 visitors from around the world. It brings together hundreds of authors and literature enthusiasts. The festival is not just a celebration of the love of reading but also seeks to further promote reading, writing, and literacy awareness.