Eight Good Reasons Why You Should Read


When was the last time you finished a book? If you think you are too busy to read, think again! You can find time for leisure activities like reading if you set your mind to it. It does not have to be a chore, especially if you pick a genre and title that interests you. You might be surprised how enjoyable it can be. There are many reasons why people read. But here are some of the things that make it a worthwhile pursuit.

1. Opens your mind to new things

Reading opens your mind to new ideas, information, and learning. And this experience is not limited to reading non-fiction or educational books. The more you read diverse types of books, the more you discover new things. Many authors spend time researching materials for their books. You can find interesting details about architecture, culture, history, law, science, and more from the pages of a book.

2. Stimulates your mind

Reading engages your mind. It keeps your mind active. You stimulate your mind as you immerse yourself to the story. It is common for readers to create mental images of things that capture their imagination. It is like living the tales in your head which helps in exercising the brain.

3. Relieves stress

Reading is an excellent stress reliever. It shifts your focus away from thoughts that may be weighing you down. You can immerse yourself into a good story. It brings you to whatever imaginary or real place as the tale unfolds. It allows you to enjoy the here and now or the moment where nothing else seems to exist except for you and the book.

4. Promotes self-growth

Reading is an important tool for self-development. Many great innovators, leaders, and thinkers are avid readers. These busy people understand the importance of reading and its role in promoting continual growth.

5. Encourages analytical thinking

Many great stories prod the mind to think. As a story unfolds, you think about possibilities especially if you are unsure of how it will end. You may also explore ideas or information presented in the book and think of their applicability in your life.

6. Boosts concentration

Reading focuses your mind. It also improves your concentration. A good book makes you lose yourself in the story. It drowns out the distractions around you. It hones your focus which can be useful in different aspects of your life.

7. Fuels imagination and creativity

Reading is great fodder for imagination and creativity. It develops your ability to imagine the things you read in the book. This is one of the reasons why many book lovers are often disappointed with movie adaptations of their favorite books. It is like what they see on film does not do justice to how they imagined the story would be.

8. Provides entertainment

It is hard to get bored when you have a good book. A great read entertains and keeps you engaged no matter the situation. It is also a cheap form of entertainment. You do not have to spend much to enjoy it. There are many libraries where you can borrow books for free. You can even swap books with friends if you are in need of a good read.