Why Do Books Have a Special Place in Our Hearts

Book Lover

Books can be found anywhere. In your house, school libraries, and even at some shops. But what made us to love books?

Is it the smell of an unopened book? Maybe, but highly unlikely. Or is it because of the wonder that it gives to us? Definitely.

But there’s more reason why we love books so much. Let’s continue and find out why do books have a special place in our heart!

It Helps You Think

Learning is fun, isn’t it? Oh, you’re probably cutting classes so, no? Anyway.

You’ll learn more interesting thoughts and information for every book you read. Acquiring new information helps you exercise your brain muscles. Once you gain enough knowledge, you can see and approach the world in different perspective.

Provides Inspiration

Reading a good book can really inspire you.

The moment that you get into the book you are reading, you’ll feel more connected and not alone. This is what will inspire you. The characters or stories in the book, whether it’s fictional or not, will never fail to keep you inspired.

Escape Reality

A Whole New World
“A Whole New World, A Dazzling Place I Never Knew.” Sing Along With Me!

Good books can help you escape the reality. You’ll feel that you are a part of the book. Once a well-written book caught your sweet spot, that’s where you will be like brought to a whole new world.

Alice in the Wonderland is a good example. It feels like you’re in wonderland too when you’re reading it. Is the Mad Hatter British? He looks like one and he hosts tea parties. Tea drinking in England is like us normal people drinking water. That’s a normal thing to see there.

Provide Instructions

No matter how old and experienced you are, there is always something you don’t know.

Books offer us everything we needed. Including the basic to advanced things. Whenever you are confused about something, grab a book about it solve the problem!