Travel Destinations for Book Lovers

Reading takes you to places you have never been. But there is nothing like seeing the streets, towns, and cities featured in many stories you have devoured. If you are like many book lovers, you probably have a list of destinations in mind you want to visit. They could be the homes of your favorite authors or the settings of stories that you love. Whatever the reason, you love the idea of exploring places that you have only read about before. Here are some of the top travel destinations that bibliophiles would love.

Dublin, Ireland, UK


Dublin has produced some of the best literary works and icons including the greatest number of Nobel Prize laureates for Literature. It is not surprising that many book lovers are drawn to this beautiful city. In 2010, it became a UNESCO City of Literature. The city boasts of several literary attractions and tours that would delight the hearts of bibliophiles from around the world. Imagine walking around the city where the likes of James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, and W. B. Yeats cultivated their illustrious literary careers. A visit to Dublin should include a walking tour of renowned attractions that include George Bernard Shaw’s birthplace, James Joyce Centre, Mulligans, and Oscar Wilde House among many others.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Edinburgh earned the distinction of being the first UNESCO City of Literature. It is a treasure trove of bookish attractions that will send bookworms’ heart aflutter. The city is teeming with places featured in many great stories. It is home to many renowned names in the literary world such as the likes of Adam Smith, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. And they are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A brief visit to this wondrous city would not be enough to explore everything it has to offer to book lovers. Make sure to plan your visit well to make the most of whatever time you have for sightseeing and wanderings.

London, UK


London boasts of several literary sites. It is in this city that many great stories have been penned by legendary writers and playwrights. Some of the numerous points of interests for book lovers visiting the city include The Globe. A visit to the place is a must for Shakespeare lovers since it is built to model the old theater where the famous poet and playwright’s works were performed. The Charles Dickens Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Poet’s Corner, and Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station are likewise among the city’s biggest draws. Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Rudyard Kipling, Shakespeare, William Blake, and J.K. Rowling are just a few of the many literary icons the city has produced.

New York City, USA


New York City has churned out many great writers and literary works. It is not surprising that it attracts many bibliophiles from across the globe. The city even has a Library Hotel where bookworms can enjoy amenities such as a poetry garden and nooks and rooms perfect for reading. Strolling around the city will lead you to many interesting places that have been featured in books or showcase sculptures and artworks of literary characters and icons.

St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg has been a backdrop to several famous Russian literary pieces. If you have read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, you will likely appreciate the marvels of this spectacular city.

How to Give Your Library a New Look

Home library

Have you gone tired of looking at your home library? Is it becoming dull? A library should not only be a home for your books; it should also encourage you to read your books!

For this article, the superhero will be spray paint. Though it’s popular for its vandalizing streets and walls, it can be used for something better too!

Follow the steps below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Preparation Process

  1. Take out everything inside the library except the ones impossible to move such as large furniture or fixed cabinets. You should even remove the outlet plates and light switch too. Don’t forget to transfer everything in a secure area.
  2. Clean the library thoroughly. When I mean “thoroughly”, I mean no dirt or dust should be left on the walls, ceilings, and floors. Your cleaning materials will depend on whatever you have at home, but a vacuum cleaner and a towel are recommended. If the walls are too filthy, use water and soap.
  3. Fill the gaps and cracks using a filler. Remember to smoothen the surface after.
  4. If there are bumps and cracked paint, get rid of them by scraping them off.
  5. Use painter’s tape to cover switches and watches, and use newspapers to cover all the others you don’t want to be painted.
  6. Prime the library with a top-quality primer.

Painting Time!

  1. Prepare your paint sprayer. If you’re thinking you’re only going to invest in some of the best paint sprayers, then you’re right! You shouldn’t throw money by settling with cheap, low-quality ones.
  2. Put the paint in your spray gun. Be careful not to rush this step.
  3. Test spray on a cardboard to get the “feel.”
  4. Spray paint cansBegin with the ceiling; be sure you’re 12 inches away from the surface.
  5. Paint your boring walls. Use wall stencils to make them more attractive and welcoming.
  6. Paint the floor by rows so as not to step on the paint.

Returning everything

  1. Sketch a plan that shows where you should put the items you removed. If you’re not good at sketching, perhaps imagining could be more effective. I suggest you don’t return them to their original positions. Give the entire library a new look by placing the objects someplace else.
  2. After at least 24 hours of drying process, return the furniture, books, and other objects in the room.

Home library

Why You Should Read Books More Often


Let’s face it.

Books are magical. They do not only make you want to learn more about a certain subject. They do not only make you see things like no one else has done. They do not only take you to places no one else has taken you before.

That being said, here are the reasons why you should read books more often:

They also make you want to learn more about yourself.

Aside from making you want to learn more about a certain subject, books also make you want to learn more about yourself. You get to learn who you truly are, as well as what you are truly capable of. You get to learn what you truly are, as well as what you can truly be. You will even learn how to *fly like a bird (success) as well as learn how to how to swim like a fish (risk).

*Wondering how to start fly like a bird? Watch birds do it in person. See for yourself how it’s really like to fly up. Experience for yourself how it’s really like to fly high. You can do this anytime, as well as anywhere, even with a pair of Cheap binoculars.

They also make you experience things like no one else can do.

Aside from making you see things like no one else has done, books also make you experience things like no one else can do. You get to see different perspectives about certain things, as well as experience new things regarding certain places. You get to see the wonders of those around you, as well as experience the miracles of being with those around you. You will even learn how to see things in another’s eyes (seeing firsthand), as well as experience things in another’s shoes (experiencing firsthand).

They also let you feel emotions no one else has let you feel before.

Aside from taking you to places no one else has taken you before, books also let you feel emotions no one else has let you feel before. You get to feel the kind of happiness you only see in movies, as well as the kind of sadness you only witness on TV shows. You get to feel the kind of emotion you thought other people can only feel, as well as the kind of emotion you thought you would never feel. You will even learn how to control your emotions (discipline), as well as learn how to strengthen your emotions (patience).

Book Themes You’ll Surprisingly Love


When it comes to reading books, some of the most popular themes nowadays include those found in young adult novels like John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (death and love) and Lois Lowry’s The Giver (memory and pain) or in science fiction novels like James Dashner’s The Maze Runner (friendship and bravery) and Stephenie Meyer’s The Host (soul and faith).

However, it’s only the beginning…

There are a whole lot of books out there – or more specifically, a whole lot of book themes you’ll surprisingly love out there.

Here are some of them:

Love, Loyalty, and Owls

For those people who only get to watch birds fly high in the sky via a scope (just like those found in, you’ll definitely love Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl.

In this book, you’ll get to watch an owl grow up magnificently through the author’s own eyes. In this book, you’ll also get to learn more about the real meaning of loyalty through the author’s own experiences. You see, the author found a wing-injured and little barn owl named Wesley during Valentine’s Day back in the 1980s. He was believed unable to survive in the wild, if not for the author’s heart of gold.

The author studied about Wesley for the next 19 years, from his mice diet to his own language and even to his sending talent. But when a serious disease began to threaten the author’s life, Wesley rescued her from imminent death – just as she rescued him from imminent death.

Forgiveness, Family, and Ghosts

For those people who are still having trouble forgiving others after how many years, you’ll definitely love The Graveyard Book.

In this book, you’ll get to watch an unusual relationship between ghosts and a toddler whose entire family was killed. In this book, you’ll also get to learn more about the real meaning of forgiveness. You see, Nobody Owens (known as Bod to his friends) is a normal boy raised by ghosts and other supernatural beings in a graveyard. He also has a guardian, who is neither a living nor a dead.

The only problem? He can’t leave the graveyard. Or else, he will be attacked by a man named Jack – the one who killed his entire family.

Do you know any other book themes one would surprisingly love? Let us know in the comments section below!

Why Do Books Have a Special Place in Our Hearts

Book Lover

Books can be found anywhere. In your house, school libraries, and even at some shops. But what made us to love books?

Is it the smell of an unopened book? Maybe, but highly unlikely. Or is it because of the wonder that it gives to us? Definitely.

But there’s more reason why we love books so much. Let’s continue and find out why do books have a special place in our heart!

It Helps You Think

Learning is fun, isn’t it? Oh, you’re probably cutting classes so, no? Anyway.

You’ll learn more interesting thoughts and information for every book you read. Acquiring new information helps you exercise your brain muscles. Once you gain enough knowledge, you can see and approach the world in different perspective.

Provides Inspiration

Reading a good book can really inspire you.

The moment that you get into the book you are reading, you’ll feel more connected and not alone. This is what will inspire you. The characters or stories in the book, whether it’s fictional or not, will never fail to keep you inspired.

Escape Reality

A Whole New World
“A Whole New World, A Dazzling Place I Never Knew.” Sing Along With Me!

Good books can help you escape the reality. You’ll feel that you are a part of the book. Once a well-written book caught your sweet spot, that’s where you will be like brought to a whole new world.

Alice in the Wonderland is a good example. It feels like you’re in wonderland too when you’re reading it. Is the Mad Hatter British? He looks like one and he hosts tea parties. Tea drinking in England is like us normal people drinking water. That’s a normal thing to see there.

Provide Instructions

No matter how old and experienced you are, there is always something you don’t know.

Books offer us everything we needed. Including the basic to advanced things. Whenever you are confused about something, grab a book about it solve the problem!

How to Make Time for Reading


Have you ever wondered how the busiest and most successful people find the time to read? It seems like an impossible feat given the sheer amount of responsibilities they must have. But it seems that these brilliant minds understand the value of reading more than many others. If you want to experience the benefits of reading more, you have to devote more time doing it. Here are some ideas on how to find the time to read regardless of how busy you get.

Surround yourself with books

Borrow, buy, or swap books. You can borrow a wide array of books from the public library. Or you can buy pre-loved titles or swap books with friends. Whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure that you have plenty of reading materials around. This makes it easier to pick up a book and read every chance you get. Reading does not have to be an expensive hobby.

Pick books you like

You do not have to feel pressured into reading highly-acclaimed titles. Start by reading for pleasure. This means picking books that you actually like and not the ones others say you should read. The more you enjoy what you read, the more you will likely develop a desire to read more.

Devote some time for it

You will never be able to get some reading done unless you devote a chunk of your precious time for it. You have to be prepared to give up doing certain things to give yourself time to read. Reduce the time you spend watching the news on TV or browsing the Internet. You can also use whatever downtime you have to read a few pages of a book.

Read at least one chapter before going to bed

You can either start or end your day with a book. Commit to reading a few pages or at least one chapter every day. You might be surprised as to how many books you can finish in a year if you keep doing this. The trick is to set a goal when you want to get some reading done.

Challenge yourself

Participate in a book challenge. Ask a friend to do this with you or you can join a book club where they commit to reading a certain number of books at a given time. With a firm goal in mind, you should be able to accomplish more reading than you used to.

Eight Good Reasons Why You Should Read


When was the last time you finished a book? If you think you are too busy to read, think again! You can find time for leisure activities like reading if you set your mind to it. It does not have to be a chore, especially if you pick a genre and title that interests you. You might be surprised how enjoyable it can be. There are many reasons why people read. But here are some of the things that make it a worthwhile pursuit.

1. Opens your mind to new things

Reading opens your mind to new ideas, information, and learning. And this experience is not limited to reading non-fiction or educational books. The more you read diverse types of books, the more you discover new things. Many authors spend time researching materials for their books. You can find interesting details about architecture, culture, history, law, science, and more from the pages of a book.

2. Stimulates your mind

Reading engages your mind. It keeps your mind active. You stimulate your mind as you immerse yourself to the story. It is common for readers to create mental images of things that capture their imagination. It is like living the tales in your head which helps in exercising the brain.

3. Relieves stress

Reading is an excellent stress reliever. It shifts your focus away from thoughts that may be weighing you down. You can immerse yourself into a good story. It brings you to whatever imaginary or real place as the tale unfolds. It allows you to enjoy the here and now or the moment where nothing else seems to exist except for you and the book.

4. Promotes self-growth

Reading is an important tool for self-development. Many great innovators, leaders, and thinkers are avid readers. These busy people understand the importance of reading and its role in promoting continual growth.

5. Encourages analytical thinking

Many great stories prod the mind to think. As a story unfolds, you think about possibilities especially if you are unsure of how it will end. You may also explore ideas or information presented in the book and think of their applicability in your life.

6. Boosts concentration

Reading focuses your mind. It also improves your concentration. A good book makes you lose yourself in the story. It drowns out the distractions around you. It hones your focus which can be useful in different aspects of your life.

7. Fuels imagination and creativity

Reading is great fodder for imagination and creativity. It develops your ability to imagine the things you read in the book. This is one of the reasons why many book lovers are often disappointed with movie adaptations of their favorite books. It is like what they see on film does not do justice to how they imagined the story would be.

8. Provides entertainment

It is hard to get bored when you have a good book. A great read entertains and keeps you engaged no matter the situation. It is also a cheap form of entertainment. You do not have to spend much to enjoy it. There are many libraries where you can borrow books for free. You can even swap books with friends if you are in need of a good read.